Explore Notre-Dame de Paris: Symbol of Spirituality and Art

Welcome to our dedicated page for Notre-Dame de Paris, an architectural gem at the heart of the City of Light.

We've gathered everything you need to know here to fully appreciate this iconic symbol.

Access to Notre-Dame de Paris

Perched on the Île de la Cité, Notre-Dame is easily accessible by public transportation or on foot from neighboring districts. The closest metro stations include Cité station (line 4), Saint-Michel - Notre-Dame station (line 4 and RER B and C), as well as Hôtel de Ville station (line 1 and 11). Additionally, walking from the surrounding neighborhoods offers a delightful stroll along the Seine River to reach this iconic architectural gem in Paris.

Ticket Purchases

Entry to the cathedral is free, but access to certain areas may require a specific ticket, available on-site or online.

Discover Around Notre-Dame

Explore the Île de la Cité to discover the neighboring Sainte-Chapelle and stroll along the banks of the Seine. You'll be captivated by Paris's living history.

Take advantage of this visit to uncover the hidden treasures of this historic district, soak up the atmosphere, and delve into the legends surrounding this symbol of faith and art.

Explore Notre-Dame de Paris, an unwavering witness to history, and immerse yourself in the timeless beauty of this iconic cathedral. Make your stay in Paris an unforgettable experience !